Time To Pivot. See You Later

Marijana Čuvalo
3 min readOct 14, 2022
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One year ago today, I started posting on Medium regularly. And without planning to do so, on the one-year mark, I plan to pivot.

On October 14, 2021, I posted this piece:

The piece was about a uterine embolization, some tears, and, well, I guess, release.

Over the year, I posted 35 times to Medium. Thirty-five times I shared what was on my mind, what I was feeling, and what I could release.

It has been a work in progress.

Some posts were easier to release. Some still sit in draft mode on Medium or in my head.

Over the year, I mostly documented my Adriatic adventure. I’m glad I did. I am grateful I have those stories written; a reminder of how the year unfolded.

I know I only scratched the surface with those writings. I know I only slightly opened the door to my soul.

Vulnerability is fascinating. I know it would benefit me to release completely, and while being raw and vulnerable sound AWESOME, they still ring a little out of tune when I ask myself to be those things.

Posting to Medium allowed me to learn to communicate my thoughts and express how I was feeling. Still learning to do both.

Posting to Medium was also an opportunity for me to build healthy habits: Writing. Tapping into my creativity. And learning from others.

I did not spend much time connecting to the Medium community. I watched from the sidelines on this one. And what I saw was pretty spectacular and supportive.

A few hilarious and delicious writers engaged with me on this platform, and I thank them for making the time—the time you took to reply to a comment or a story meant a lot to me.

It wasn’t for the ‘claps’ but the meaningful engagement.

Thank you to Natasha Nichole Lake: you are a brilliant storyteller and a bright and thoughtful commentator. You remind me of a teacher who takes the time to highlight their student’s gifts even when they can’t see them for themselves.

Thank you to Christopher Robin: Your stories are hilarious, dark, weird, and heartfelt. If they are only a fraction of what’s inside your mind and heart, that’s pretty awesome!

There were a few more, but these two talented Medium contributors took engagement to the next level. I am grateful. I have taken notes.

Anyway, the central point of this piece was to point out my pivot.

It’s time to pivot. Again.

Medium, you’ve been lovely. And now, I must take things to another level.

I haven’t outgrown Medium (as if!!).

I am taking my writing to my very own website. At this point, I need a one-stop shop. That’s the reason for the pivot.

At this point, the website is a work in progress.

Wait, I guess, like all things, it should always be a work in progress.

Over the last year, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing, taking photos, and all moments on this Adriatic adventure. And so I am packing that and my other work onto my very own website. Terrifying and exciting.

I know my website will evolve. I can already see how I want to improve the page. But I want to get started. I want to pivot.

And that means that I will stop posting my stories to Medium.

For now or forever?

Who knows.

Thanks to all who followed me here on Medium. This is a pretty special place.

If you’d like to follow my Adriatic adventure and any other upcoming adventures, visit me here:

With gratitude.



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