Welcome To Season Four Of My Adriatic Adventure

Marijana Čuvalo
1 min readSep 22, 2022
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I thought yesterday was the first day of Fall.

Fail on my part.

Today is the first day of Fall.

It doesn’t matter, except that I thought the fourth season of my Adriatic adventure started yesterday. I was a tad premature. Nothing wrong with that, except I am not sure how I thought my favourite season (Autumn) began on September 21.

And here we are: Season four of my Adriatic adventure.

And, if I may be so bold as to type this here: it’s the first day of what I believe will be an excellent season.


Well, for no reason other than that, I am doing the work, putting in the hours, and committed to making it an excellent season.

How do I define an excellent season? Well, see the previous sentence.

These days, I see life as a series of adventures and each adventure has its seasons.

This adventure is entering season four. Some characters have taken on leading roles, others have made a brief appearance, others have left the storyline.

The one constant has been me.

The one who’s storyline I’ve focused on: mine.

It’s been a sweet adventure thus far.

Thanks for following along.

Let the excellent season begin…



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